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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"I smoke, I snort, I've killed and robbed, I'm a man."
-City of God

I'm sorry, I wish I could offer self-important reasons why I have been absent, but, alas, I cannot. I've just been outside enjoying the summer sunshine (37 today, that's 99 farenheit to the rest of you). And, this isn't going to be a terribly detailed post, today, either. But, anyways, here goes

First, you should go here and download the new For Stars, as it is really, really good.
Secondly, go to Largehearted Boy and find the live Jenny Lewis set from a couple days ago and download it. She even has a song called "You Are What You Love" with a chorus lifted from the brilliant [strong]Adaptation[/strong].
Thirdly, go rent (and if you have the money, buy) City Of God, as it is really good. Very intense, depressing, disturbing, but ultimately rewarding.
Fourthly, 50 First Datesis not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I love Adam Sandler movies (although the last two didn't really interest me), and I HATE Drew Barrymore, and the commercial didn't look at all interesting or funny to me, but it surprised me. My sister swears by this movie (I think she's seen it 4 times already), I'm not the rabid fan she is, but I can't say I don't recommend it.
Fifthly, another of my sister's recommmendations, which I cannot deny is Waking The Dead. I've only watched half of it, but it's really quite good.
Sixthly, Together. Rent it. Watch it with people you love. It's really emotional and touching. Yet, most surprisingly, it's funny, too.
And I am out of here, to go drink Ice Tea, read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and bask in the summer sun. Aloha.


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

"You sad little man"
-The Office

I promise I'm not dead. And I haven't been busy, either. I will write sometime in the near future. Just not today.