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Sunday, February 29, 2004


"I'm sorry, sir, we won't be letting vagrants sleep in the auditorium tonight."
Jude Law's weird, weird hair
Wait THAT'S the woman from House of Sand and Fog?
Ah, I see Seabiscuit has arrived
Once again, THAT is the woman from House of Sand and Fog?

Well, that was a boring night of Academy Awards. I figured there would be one least one. But, the Academy went the safe route with the safe choices. I thought for a moment that A Mighty Wind was going to win best song based on the cheer that went up when they stareted performing. When the audience started laughing halfway through the song, I knew they didn't get it and it wouldn't win. Sure enough... Sigh. Roger Ebert said he applauded the nominations this year as they went for some really gutsy choices. But, once again, they go the safe route and show that the gutsy nominations were more for show than anything else. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that The Passion and Miracle will be up for Best Picture next year? Anyways, I will post who I would have picked in a couple of days. Right now, I have to get to some impending projects.


Sonatine (Directed by Takeshi Kitano): Wow! This was SO good. I liked the two previous Kitano movies I'd seen (Brother and Hana-bi) but this was even better than those two! Kitano plays a yakuza being pushed out of the way by his boss. There is the usual Kitano mayhem with him beating the holy hell out of a guy in the bathroom, acidentally drowning a guy, stabbings and countles shootings. But what was most staggering about this movie was how funny it was! Between Kitano's henchmen playing frisbee, sumo wrestling, and trying to shoot beercans off each other's heads. And Kitano digging holes in the beach for people to fall into. It was so funny in a totally unexpected way. I recommend everyone into gangster/violent/yakuza movies see this. It made my day in spite of an extremely tedious Academy Awards.


Saturday, February 28, 2004

"Stop you dog!"

This is funny at first, than slightly trying on the ol' patience...ahhh who am I kidding, it's still funny.

So, Cal got the new Kanye West today, if I could give you mp3s, I would, my friend. Instead, all you get is recommendations. You should already have downloaded "Through the Wire" and "Slow Jamz", the two singles, so far. In addition to those, you really need the last track (although I don't seem to have any ideas what it's called). It's a 12+ minute long song in which Kanye speaks over top of the beat, talking about everything he's done to bring him to where he is now. The other one you most definitely need is "Jesus Walks". People always talk about Eminem and Fitty Cent and how they say whatever they want, and speak their mind. But, to me, there is nothing ballsier than Kanye West coming forth with a song about his faith in Jesus.
"Well, if this takes away from my spins,
which'll probably take away from my ends.
than I hope it takes away from my sins,"

Ah,who am I kidding? You want ALL of this...



Yeah, I think this is the greatest pic I've seen all week...


"Thanks Little Dink"

The Last 10 Movies I have seen, in the future, I may actually add some commentary to the movies, but I make no promises.

-Spy Kids 3D
-Grave of the Fireflies
-Ju Dou
-Mulholland Drive
-Dancer in the Dark
-Better Luck Tomorrow
-Star Wars: A New Hope
-All The Real Girls


And here we go...

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